The PMC Advantage

1)    PMC is an active oil field player:
  • Our executive and engineers have major equipment design experience in areas such as natural gas compressors, wellhead components, and pumpjacks.
  • We have the manufacturing experience of the following major oil field equipments: wellhead components and driver, pumpjacks, and pipeline components.
  • We have applied all relative API standards of oil field equipment into our design and manufacturing practice.
  • Our manufacturing scope is constantly increasing.

2)    PMC is excellent in machinery:
  • Our executive and engineers have comprehensive design or manufacturing experience on high precision machinery such as lathes, milling machine, and grinding machine in addition to a variety of oil field equipment.
  • We have an engineer who is a Machine Tool expert and was rewarded the China National Technology Prize for developing machine tools.

3)    PMC technology is both cutting-edge and comprehensive:
  • We are now at the forefront of design and manufacturing technology on Gear Transmission and Hydraulic Cylinders available in Calgary.
  • Our manufacturing services involve partnerships with manufacturers from multiple trades, which means we are able to organize and control the entire manufacturing process from forging, casting, CNC machining, assembling, to testing by engineering service, quality control and economy law. 

4)    PMC service is high-value and cost-effective:
  • Integrated technology and complete process control of our manufacturing resources mean we are able to deliver the most cost effective and high value manufacturing service in the industry.