The PMC Mission

Our mission is to continuously provide high level of component manufacturing services to our equipment customers and enable them to be the best in their field. We strive to be high quality and low cost while adhering to the highest standard of business conduct.

In the dynamic and rapidly progressing precision tool industry, PMC strives to produce consummate machine tools whose mechanical design and utilized manufacturing technology are beyond improvement.
The oil patch machinery industry is an active one and many new inventions are continuously being developed in order to cope with the increasingly difficult mechanisms of oil production. These newly invented equipments usually have much room for improvement in mechanical design and manufacturing methods before they can be widely applied to the production market.
PMC's expertise comes from the accumulated experiences of our machine tool experts and oil patch equipment professionals. PMC helps to eliminate existing defects on new machinery and find better yet inexpensive ways to manufacture these machines. Our major customers in the oil patch have seen marked increase in market shares these recent years through our precision manufacturing and design services.